63 Years On

The Arches presents

63 Years On

All proceeds go to the House Of Sharing

Wed 12 Oct 2011 | 6.30pm-8.30pm | £2

For 63 years, women from all across Asia held their silence, afraid and ashamed to admit what they had been subjected to at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army.

63 Years On documents the largest ever recorded case of sex trafficking – an estimated 200,000 women. You will meet five courageous women who speak out about the abuse they endured and the academics who are fighting for the apology these women have never received. Poignant, inspirational and shocking, 63 Years On will not fail to move you.

The documentary will be followed by an open discussion between the audience and a specialised panel including event producers Paula Morgan, campaigner for women affected by this regime, and Linda Thompson of the Women’s Support Project, as well as Bronagh Andrews from TARA (Trafficking Awareness-Raising Alliance) and Abigail Howkins from Diversity Films.

All proceeds for this night will be donated to the House of Sharing, a museum and home to former “comfort women”, survivors of sexual slavery at the hands of the Japanese military during the Asia-Pacific War (1932-1945). It is the world’s first human rights museum centred on sexual slavery.

Please enter on Argyle Street