Arches LIVE 2011: Sita Pieraccini - Bird

The Arches presents

Arches LIVE 2011: Sita Pieraccini - Bird

Fri 23 - Sat 24 Sep 2011 | 8.20pm (25 mins) | £7/£5

After a wild, feral child befriends an avian fellow in flight, their relationship is halted by the bird’s abrupt departure. With only a patch of soil to call her own, the girl is left in solitude once again.

With minimal use of set, including some soil and a rock, this technically creative show incorporates original light and sound design. Each element is carefully choreographed to help sustain the magical qualities of all that is seen and unseen throughout the performance. With no dialogue, Bird is a solo performance with elements of clown and mime that looks at the life of one individual struggling with their emotions and desires for companionship.

Bird is devised and performed by Sita Pieraccini, with directorial support from award-winning theatre practitioner Al Seed (Conflux, The Red Room).