Arches LIVE 2011: Panel Discussion

The Arches presents

Arches LIVE 2011: Panel Discussion

Sat 1 Oct 2011 | 3pm (1 hr 45 mins) | Free

A fitting and thought-provoking end to this year’s Arches LIVE, join us for a panel discussion addressing some of the most pressing topics surrounding theatre and performance art at this moment, including:

How is the current economic climate affecting artistic output in the UK?
Are there noticeable aesthetic shifts occurring?
Does the term ‘DIY’ risk excusing the lack of real support for artists or does it represent an oppositional, energetic potential?
What is the role of artists in challenging the political choices that are currently being made?
How do cuts in funding impact on the capability of artists to fulfil this function?

Panel members confirmed so far are: Amanda Monfrooe, Catrin Evans, Gareth Vile, Deborah Pearson and Liam Casey (Glasgow DIY Festival). Chaired by Kieran Hurley.

If there’s a burning issue not covered here that you’d like to have discussed, please contact before the event.


Join us at the Old Hairdressers on Renfield Lane (opposite Stereo) from 10pm for the Aftershow party.