As Yet Untitled

Tom Pritchard: On The Stage Of The Present

As Yet Untitled

Sat 28 May 2011 | 7pm | £3/2

The Arches’ latest Associate Artist Tom Pritchard presents a series of improvised performances as part of his performance-based research project On The Stage Of The Present. With the stage shared by performers from various artistic fields, the outcome of their momentary play is crafted in front of the viewer’s eyes.

This month’s As Yet Untitled brings together the elements of music, time-based media and movement in an experiment of instant collaboration. Featuring Kim Moore of Zoey Van Goey, guitar, violin and electronic loops will be used alongside movement to create a world for the imagination of the viewer to jump into and discover, offering space for our own journeys and finding language outside of spoken word. Film and photography will offer the work a longevity as this work will be presented and carried forward after the live event.


Kim Moore
Andrew Houston
Virginia Kennard
Rosalind Masson
Aileen Dick
Maite Delafin
Penny Chivas
Tom Pritchard


Developed with the support of the Workroom, Dance House and The Arches (Glasgow) and Dance Base (Edinburgh), On The Stage Of The Present explores cross art-form improvisation. Working with visual artists, musicians, dancers and actors, the research ranges from from durational gallery-based performance and stage work to studio-based practice and site-specific sculpture.

Tom Pritchard is a Glasgow-based performer, improviser and dance maker. Read more about his work at the Arches as Associate Artist.