Bartosz Soban Sobanski: In the Shadow of Nothingness

The Arches presents

Bartosz Soban Sobanski: In the Shadow of Nothingness

Thu 29 Jan - Sat 28 Feb 2015 | Daily | Free entry | The Arches Foyer

“For me, Cosmos is black, primarily black, something like a black stream, turbulent, full of whirlpools, obstacles and flooded areas, carrying a mass of refuse, and in this stream a besotted man, at the mercy of the waters, trying to decipher and to understand so that he can assemble what he sees into some whole. Blackness, terror and night. Night crossed by a violent passion, an unnatural love.”
Witold Gombrowicz

In The Shadow of Nothingness, this is the title of the project presented to you today. The project comprises photographs taken by me as well as those I found, adopt ‐ images abandoned by their anonymous creators, usually so old that you can be sure that the people they portray inhabit the realm of shadows now. The absence from the world of living is symbolised by a black circle, the element repeatedly appearing on images from this cycle.

But this element also has other meanings to me. To understand this symbol (or rather see it through the eyes of my imagination) you will need such key words as:

• abyss of oblivion
• shadow of nothingness
• metaphysical depth
• core of art
• soul of humanity
• god the archetype
• cosmos of human relationships…

Glasgow School of Art Graduate of Photography 2014.

Visit the artist’s website here.