Blind Plotting

The Arches presents an exhibition curated by Rachel Frances Sharpe and Bethan Hughes

Blind Plotting

Sat 28 Apr - Mon 7 May 2012 | 12 noon - 6pm daily (in the Arches basement space) | Free

An exhibition of installation and sculpture concerned with theatricality as critical vocabulary.

Deep in the subterranean bowels of The Arches, eight Glasgow based artists plot to overthrow traditional perceptions of the gallery space. Playing on the speculative nature of the exhibition as a stage-play, the artists use the language of the theatre to engage the audience in a journey into visual estrangement.

Moving through the previously derelict basement space of the Arches, a sequence of incidents unfold. The audience will experience a series of fragmentary scenes, each taking the guise of prop-like forms working to excavate collectively suppressed thoughts, fears, and desires. Removing all formal restrictions such a time and place, each work – or scene – creates its own subversive narrative, stripping the audience of their passivity as observers and forcing them to become active participants within the exhibition experience.

Blind Plotting showcases both emerging and established Glasgow based artists including Craig Mulholland, Rachel Frances Sharpe, Carrie Skinner, Douglas Morland, Sam Derounian, Kari Robertson, Bethan Hughes, and Alice Melita Steffen.