Claudia Nova: AXIS MUNDI

The Arches presents

Claudia Nova: AXIS MUNDI

Tue 14 May - Mon 17 Jun 2013 | Exhibition launch night: Tues 14th May, 6pm-9pm | Free

*Please join us for the exhibition launch on Tues 14th May from 6pm-9pm for a live performance from Claudia and a DJ set from Craig Mulholland. Free entry, all welcome.*

For her first solo exhibition, recent GSA graduate Claudia Nova showcases a body of new work exploring the concept of the ‘sky pillar’, or columna cerului – a man-made or naturally occurring form regarded as a means of communication between heaven and earth.

Working with print, sculpture and moving image, the artist responds to the various ways in which different cultures throughout history have interpreted this idea by creating or designating objects of worship which inevitably resemble the phallus, such as maypoles, steeples, totem poles and obelisks. Imagery from nature, popular culture and domesticity is utilised to display the convergence of the sacred and the sexual, as well as to question the cross-cultural associations between masculinity and power.

Subject matter ranges from the otherworldly to the mundane, imagined almost as a mock-up archaeological study of a civilisation long forgotten, or from an undiscovered planet.

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Claudia Nova is a multidisciplinary artist and musician. Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2011, she has concentrated her practice around the visual language of performance.