Crossing The Lines

Playwrights Studio Scotland and The Arches present

Crossing The Lines

Heather Marshall | Kevin Carr | Emily Reutlinger

Tue 11 Jun 2013 | 7.30pm-8.30pm (+ discussion in bar) | £3.50

Presented by the Arches and Playwrights’ Studio Scotland, Crossing The Lines is a scratch-style event which sees artists of all kinds perform their versions of a contemporary play, before moving to the bar for audience feedback and discussion. This will be facilitated by Arches/Untitled Projects‘ Playwright in Residence (and former Crossing The Lines participant) Alan McKendrick.

This month’s line-up

- Heather Marshall will perform a version of Rob Drummond’s Gag, exploring the text through interactive theatre. Gag was first performed at Arches LIVE in 2007.

- Kevin Carr will re-work David Greig’s award-winning play Pyrenees in a cabaret style. Pyrenees was first performed at The Tron in 2005, going on to win a TMA award for Best New Play, as well as a German translation.

- Emily Reutlinger will reinterpret David Greig‘s Ramallah, a 10 minute piece about his time in Ramallah, written for a one night event at The Royal Court.


Getting Involved

We are looking for artists from all disciplines who want to work with text in new and exciting ways. Pieces should be around 10-15 minutes long. They don’t have to be finished or polished – it’s more to do with a fresh, radical approach.

We already have a group of willing, produced and published playwrights who would love for their work to be interpreted by artists in experimental ways. We can share the list with you if you’d like inspiration. The only rule is that the text cannot be changed and must be present in some way – so, work merely inspired by the writing cannot be included.

There will be an opportunity to get feedback after the event, and we can offer some rehearsal space at the Arches, subject to availability.

If you’d like to get involved, please email