Crossing The Lines

The Arches and Playwrights' Studio Scotland present

Crossing The Lines

Thu 14 Nov 2013 | 7pm-8pm | £3.50 (includes 125ml post-show glass of wine)

Crossing The Lines is a scratch-style event facilitated by The Arches and Playwrights’ Studio Scotland in which artists of all kinds perform their versions of contemporary plays, before moving to the bar for feedback and discussion facilitated by Davey Anderson (NTS/ThickSkin).

This month’s line-up:

TEXT: One Day by Catherine Grosvenor
ADAPTED BY: Kate Nelson & Paul Davies (Nutshell Theatre)

The corpse of a young man lies washed up on the shore. Using multiple projectors and spoken word, One Day All This Will Come to Nothing takes a dry, deadpan look at living with loss. Is knowing nothing better than knowing too much?

TEXT: Standing Wave by Nicola McCartney
ADAPTED BY: EmmaClaire Brightlyn, Euan Cuthbertson & Marcus Roche

Standing Wave tells the extraordinary story of Delia Derbyshire – the ground-breaking electronic music composer and member of the legendary BBC Radiophonic workshop. In this adaptation, EmmaClaire, Euan and Marcus will explore the physical nature of the story of sound, using movement and non-verbal communication to convey the relationships and storylines driving the text.

TEXT: Brazil by Ronan O’Donell
ADAPTED BY: Barry Robertson

Set in a future Scotland in which Europe is at war with America, O’Donnell’s play sees events through the eyes of the youthfully disaffected Doddy. In this performance, Barry Robertson plays with the representation of the unseen characters…

TEXT: Piece of Mind by Vanessa Coffey and Joshua Payne
ADAPTED BY: Vanessa Coffey & Joshua Payne

Vanessa and Joshua explore a “recorded delivery” style of monlogue in this adaptation of their text Piece of Mind, which used verbatim interviews to look at bipolar disorder. With one actor delivering the text through an MP3 player and the other using sound and movement, the audience is left to discover which is the most truthful, authentic and/or entertaining.

Getting involved____________

We are looking for artists who want to work with text in new and exciting ways. Pieces should be around 10-15 mins long. They don’t have to be finished or polished – it’s more to do with experimentation and an innovative, radical approach. We have a list of playwrights who would love for their contemporary playwrighting to be used by artists to experiment with (just drop us an email at if you’d like to see it). However, you can use any piece of playwrighting that you like.

The only rule is that the text cannot be changed and must be present in some way – so, work merely inspired by the writing cannot be included.

There’ll be an opportunity to get feedback after the event, and some rehearsal space is available for artists subject to availability.

If you’d like to submit a piece, please fill out the application form below and return to by Thursday 31st October.

Crossing The Lines Application Form