Crossing The Lines

The Arches and Playwrights' Studio Scotland presents

Crossing The Lines

Adventures of a textual nature

Wed 1 Aug 2012 | 7.30pm - 8.30pm | £3.50 (includes a 125ml glass of wine)

Allie Butler
Russell MacEwan
Stewart Schiller

A Scratch-style event from the Arches and Playwrights’ Studio, in which all kinds of artists perform their version of contemporary texts. This month, Allie Butler creates a movement piece based on a 20th century play, Russell MacEwan and his drum corps cut up Shakespeare’s Macbeth text and rework it to death metal standards and Stewart Schiller combines live music and physical performance in an exploration of David Grieg’s Yellow Moon.


Pushing the boundaries of the theatrical experience, whilst firmly focusing on text, this new performance evening sees artists of any genre taking a piece of contemporary playwriting and illuminating it within a live setting, before moving to the bar for audience feedback and discussion.

So far we’ve seen Vanessa Coffey, Paul Henry, Victoria Beesley, Alan McKendrick, Amanda Monfrooe, Finn Den Hertog and Gary McNair give their interpretation of a modern text. Whether you’re a performer, director, musician or movement specialist, we’d love you to help celebrate and interrogate the delivery of text. Similar to Scratch nights, these short pieces will be performed to a supportive audience who will offer feedback in the bar afterwards.


We are looking for artists who want to work with text in new and exciting ways. Pieces should be around 10-15 mins long. They don’t have to be finished or polished – it’s more to do with experimentation. We have a list of playwrights who would love for their contemporary playwrighting to be used by artists to experiment with (just drop us an email if you’d like to see it). However, you can use any piece of playwrighting that you like.

The only rule is that the text cannot be changed and must be present in some way – so, work merely inspired by the writing cannot be included.

There’ll be an opportunity to get feedback after the event, and some rehearsal space is available for artists subject to availability.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact

Please enter through Argyle Street