Dialogues with Polish Art

Michal Szwagrzyk presents

Dialogues with Polish Art

A season of Polish film featuring Tomasz Kozak

Thu 20 Oct 2011 | 6.30pm-8.30pm | Free (tickets must be reserved - click Book Now below)

Michal Szwagrzyk presents a season of Polish film in collaboration with the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. This edition will feature films by Tomasz Kozak, a painter, sculptor and visual artist from Lublin, Poland. Known for utilising found footage in his practice, his work explores the dark archetypes present in the Western subconscious and seeks to undermine the axioms of mystic faith, devotion, brotherhood and masculinity in his work.

Inversus Monastery (12 min)
Negroisation. Exhumation of a Certain Metaphor (20 min)
Luciferian Lesson  (20 min)
Yoga Lessons
(23 min)
Song of Sublime (11 min)
Sex und character (4 min)

Please enter through Argyle Street