Dialogues with Polish Art

Michal Szwagrzyk presents

Dialogues with Polish Art

A season of Polish film featuring Wojtek Doroszuk

Wed 16 Nov 2011 | 6.30pm-8.30pm | Free (tickets must be reserved - click Book Now below)

The second instalment in Michal Szwagrzyk‘s season of Polish film, presented in collaboration with the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

This edition features films by Wojtek Doroszuk, a video artist born and raised in Krakow, Poland and Rouen, France. A major underlying theme in his work is the fear of the Other, which embraces the broad issue of identity -  from national to sexual – and a tendency to define one’s identity in terms of the differences in others.

Doroszuk will be available afterwards for the Q&A session.

Birkac Yer (22 mins)

“Although he had not undergone surgery yet, they decided he is not a man and he is no longer a woman, so they kept him all the time in a separate cell. He calls himself Papa Gender. I asked him to show me Ankara, if he would like to be my guide.”

Toprak, a Turkish transsexual, takes Doroszuk on a taxi journey, showing us the most important places from his life in Ankara. The place where he was forced to marry a man, the prison where he was held, and the place where he fights for freedom with other activists.

Reisefieber (36 mins)

Referencing the films of Shahram Entekhabi, Doroszuk impersonates Polish emigrants working in Germany to penetrate existential questions concerning identity in a globalized world. Set in Berlin, he evokes complex themes – from the wounds left by historical cataclysms to the city’s ambition to become the new European capital.

Raspberry Days
(18 mins)

Polish raspberry pickers work in silence on the slope of a Nordic fiord, filling their baskets with fruit, concentrating on their work like insects and becoming part of the natural order. Captured within an exaggerated, surreal aura, the dream-like result displaces the harsh reality of the situation leaving us with the question: nature film, or ironic delusion?

Plus Special Features (32 mins)

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