Fait Accompli: Risk

The Arches presents

Fait Accompli: Risk

as part of Arches LIVE 2012

Tue 25 - Wed 26 Sep 2012 | 8.30pm (1 hour) | £8/£6

Festival pass: £32/£26 | Day pass: £18/£12 | Call 0141 565 1000 to book

Welcome to the war room.

You have been thrust into the middle of a war. Split into teams, and guided by an advisor, the nation’s armed forces are in your control and decisions to attack or defend must be made. The fate of your country rests in your hands.

Based on the board game of the same name, this immersive, interactive and utterly unique experience forces the audience into a pop-up democracy where issues of despotism, intervention, personal gain and the greater good become thrillingly real.

Created by Marcus Roche and Frances Collier.

Make a night of it!
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