Glasgow University Scratch Night

The Arches presents

Glasgow University Scratch Night

Catriona MacLeod | Helene Gron | Alexander Dodd | Andrew Sherlow | Julie O'Leary

Fri 16 May 2014 | 7pm-9pm (6.30pm for Limited Capacity Performance) PLUS post-show discussion in the bar | £3.50 ticket includes a glass of wine or soft drink

The anarchic, anything goes evening which sees theatre companies, performers, writers and dancers from all fields take ten minutes to try an idea in front of an audience. Afterwards, the action moves to the bar, where the audience talks back.

This month’s line-up includes snippets of new work from Glasgow University Theatre Practices Post-grad.

This month’s line-up


Catriona MacLeod


Alone in a yellow room, with only voices for company.  You’ve brought this on yourself.  You only have yourself to blame. Stupid girl. Foolish girl. That’s enough, madam.
An intimate, sensory take on the Gothic short story The Yellow Wall-Paper that invites you to close your eyes, and listen. Walls can talk, if you let them.

Limited capacity performance 6.30pm. When booking at box office please specify if you would like to take part in this experiment. First come first served basis.

Helene Gron


Roots will be a semi-staged reading of a much larger play dealing with home and homelessness. Around Christmas, four different people are struggling to feel at home where they are. Curt doesn’t know where he is, but wherever it is, he shouldn’t be there. Olivia has run away from home – she meets a strange homeless man who certainly doesn’t want to help her. In a church, a minister is fed up dealing with other people’s sadness.

Alexander Dodd

The Body Snatchers

The Body Snatchers is a black comedy short set in the 1800′s and based loosely on the Burke and Hare murders of that period. It is a social critique of the time and is focussed around the practise of grave robbing, a trade that was rampant during the time.  Through gallows humour the play endeavours to make light of its gruesome source material and deliver a few frights along the way. In this story, the characters, Croak and Daze who have been forced into this profession by poverty have become hardened to the unpleasantness of their work. The two of them have sunken deeper and deeper into depravity, even turning to murder to provide them with the corpses they need. Join them as they begin their nights effort camped outside a cemetery waiting patiently for the vicar to go to bed.

Andrew Sherlow

Drugs, Sex, and Volleyball

Andrew Sherlow of Glasgow University has kindly volunteered his services for one of his world renowned token interviews. In the past he has pushed the boundaries of the conventional interview by interviewing a variety of different people from local cult leaders to misinformed and terribly unpopular political activists. Tonight offers Andrew the rare opportunity to interview a Hollywood legend who in turn is advertising his new autobiography “Sex, drugs and volleyball”.

Julie O’Leary

Just Saying

Just Saying is a devised piece of choreographic theatre that looks at the idea of leaving home. Using text, movement and movement Just Saying explores what it feels like to leave your home, your country, your friends and family and what it’s like to be the one who is left behind. Just Saying is a work in progress that has been inspired by a short film of the same name by Dave Tynan.

Coordinated by Hannah McLean, Glasgow University