Gob Squad: We Are Gob Squad And So Are You

Behaviour 2012

Gob Squad: We Are Gob Squad And So Are You

Adventures in Remote Lecturing

Sat 31 Mar 2012 | 7pm | £12/£9 (Day pass: £19/£13)

A performance lecture by one of Europe’s most exciting arts collectives.

Just be yourself, be true to yourself, follow your dreams and reach for the stars. This is the mantra of a generation that prizes individuality as the ultimate expression of freedom. But who is this “self” that you think you are? How did you come to be what you think you are? What makes you you? And what happens when we venture outside the concept of the “unique self”?

Searching for the beauty of the everyday, Gob Squad are a group artists from the UK and Germany. Merging banality and utopia, reality and entertainment, they explore the point where theatre meets real life by placing their work in the heart of urban life – in houses, shops, underground stations and car parks, or directly on the street.

Using a technique they call ‘remote acting’, this performance-lecture is a rare chance to get to know the inner workings of the collective. Exploring the company’s methods and motivations behind their work, the group will lift the lid on their participatory performances – where the boundaries between audience and performers often disappear completely.

“Tender, exciting and dangerous… an outstandingly brilliant piece”
Total Theatre – read the review here

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7pm-8.10pm Gob Squad: Adventures In Remote Lecturing
8.30pm-10pm Ann Liv Young: Mermaid Show


Join us for The City as a Cultural Site, a free discussion event on Sat 21st April with members of Gob Squad, Harun Morrison from the Fierce Festival Birmingham and Helen Cole of Inbetween Time Productions.

Part of Behaviour 2012, the Arches’ festival of live performance. For more see HOW WE BEHAVE, the Behaviour blog documenting seven artists’ journey through the festival.