Kerry Macfarlane: In Another Life, I'm An Elf

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and The Arches present

Kerry Macfarlane: In Another Life, I'm An Elf

Part of Into The New 2014

Tue 14 - Wed 15 Jan 2014 | 14th: 7.15pm | 15th: 9pm | Duration: 1 hour | Day pass: £5 (call 0141 565 1000 to book)

Kerry is looking at her computer screen.
She is putting on her headset.
She is logging into her online world.
She is becoming Hannya.

This performance explores the online personality of one avid gamer and how she has developed a life of her own on World of Warcraft. What makes Hannya so different to Kerry? Why does Kerry feel most comfortable as Hannya? Is Hannya the one who’s really in control?

About Kerry Macfarlane_____________

Kerry Macfarlane is a performer, dancer and movement artist currently based in Glasgow.

Kerry acknowledges that although there are cultural and geographical boundaries, we are all connected as humans. To her, this means the human experience is equal and while we don’t all go through the same experiences, we share what it is to be human. Kerry’s work speaks through her own experience about the everyday questions and social dynamics that others may share and relate to. She aims to question and provoke questions, to comment and critique, to refuse to let our lives pass by without consideration for the ‘what, why and how did we get here?’

About Into The New_____________

Into The New is a festival of new work from final year students of the BA Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Capturing the ethos of the CPP course, which takes as its basis the artist Joseph Beuys’ claim that ‘civilisation is an art work and everybody is an artist’ by encouraging a socially engaged practice, Into The New 2014 offers three days of work designed to intrigue, challenge, entertain, excite and provoke, created by a group of artists trying to make sense of the complexities of our world by making performance to share with others. Tackling subjects such as masculinity, depression and environmentalism, the work at this year’s festival asks us to consider – what makes us human? What connects us? What divides us? Most of all, it asks us to imagine what a better world might look like, and how we can all use our imagination to find creative solutions to the crises our planet faces.

If we are all ‘artists’, we are all part of finding those solutions – please come down, enjoy the work, and join the artists in the bar afterwards to discuss all this and more…

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