Laura Bradshaw: 29/92 (Phyllis)

The Arches presents

Laura Bradshaw: 29/92 (Phyllis)

as part of Arches LIVE 2012

Tue 18 - Wed 19 Sep 2012 | 8.15pm (1 hour) | Practice Room | £8/£6

Festival pass: £32/£26 | Day pass: £18/£12 | Call 0141 565 1000 to book

“The ancestors did not create the land but they created its meaning and shape – the mountains and the hills and the rock and the animals, people, places…”

In her 92nd year, Phyllis’ body is slowing, ailing. Eyes lose sight, ears lose sound. There are black and white photographs in a Roses tin. Swollen feet in slippers. Memory upon memory of lived experience.

In her 29th year, Laura sits in her grandmother’s sitting room and listens.

29/92 is a gentle meditation on wisdom, life experience and the role of the elderly. In a world where so much importance is placed on progress, technology and youth, what can we learn from those who’ve been there before us?

Make a night of it!
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