Martin O'Connor: Martin Does Francie and Josie

The Arches presents

Martin O'Connor: Martin Does Francie and Josie

Wed 25 May 2011 | 5.30pm | FREE

Martin O’Connor brings his Weegie-inspired installation and performance to the Arches Cafe Bar.

The third in a series of mini performances as part of his Arches Cafe Bar takeover, Hingmy In The Cafe, theatre maker Martin O’Connor takes the words and sounds of the people and patter of Glasgow to perform Martin Does Francie and Josie. With some help from the audience/diners, Martin will be channelling the spirit of Francie, Josie, Harry Lauder et al to re-write and perform Flower Of Scotland.

N.B. Martin’s performance is a precursor to our new Scratch-style spoken word event Crossing The Lines, in which artists from all genres reinterpret and illuminate current texts in their own style. It starts at 7.30pm – book your tickets now or ask our staff for more details on the night.


Eat your words!  The Arches Cafe Bar has come over all West Coast. Come and enjoy your food surrounded by words and sounds inspired by the people, the places and the patter of Glasgow.

Martin will be creating some mini performances on the following dates:

Wed 6 April: Martin Does Subterranean Hamesick Blues
Thurs 21 April: Martin Does Conversation
Wed 25 May: Martin Does Govan Market

when the following Weegie Menu will be available for only £8.95 for 3 courses + drink:

A Wee Dram
(with or without Irn-Bru dash)

Tattie Soup
Pure Heavy Pickled Cockle Salad
A Whityemacallit (Scotch Egg)

A Mad Fish Pie Hing wi Mad Veg
Ma Granny’s Mince and Doughballs
The Pure Big Veggie Fry: tattie scone, fried egg, fruit puddin, grilled tomatoes wi a smoked cheese sauce

Candied Apple Mousse (like posh Angel Delight)
Crumble made fae the rhubarb patch in the gerdin
Double Nougats wi Raspberry Sauce (like the wan fae the van)

Reserve a table on 0141 565 1035.


Martin O’Connor is a writer and theatre-maker from Glasgow.  He makes text-based and spoken word performances on ideas of Scottish male identity and language.  He has created performances in various theatre venues as well as site specific poetry and monologues in found spaces around Glasgow including the Subway. Martin is currently developing two performance pieces, Glory Be and A Govan of the Mind, supported by the Arches.

martin o'connor: gie it laldy