Olivier de Sagazan and Marie Cardinal: Hybridation

SURGE 2012:

Olivier de Sagazan and Marie Cardinal: Hybridation

Sun 29 Jul 2012 | 7.45pm-8.15pm | £8/£6

Equally inspired by Francis Bacon and Samuel Beckett, French performer and sculptor Olivier De Sagazan uses clay and paint to perform acts of live sculpture in which his own face is the canvas. His work is concerned with deformity, transformation, and the unlocking of creative processes which occur when one is submerged in earth.

After perfoming his remarkable solo piece Transfiguration on Saturday 28th, the artist will be joined by Marie Cardinal on Sunday 29th for Hybridation, in which a man and a woman enter a dialogue in which the ground acts as a substitute for language – an exchange of earth and fingerprints…

The results of his festival-long multi-arts residency with emergent Scottish artists will also be presented as part of the SURGE Cabaret Club.

For the full SURGE programme view the PDF here or see the Conflux website.