On The Verge: Thursday

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

On The Verge: Thursday

Eanna O'Dowd | Eddy Hull | Claire Marcie Wilson | Eden Perry | Lee Partridge & Andrew Barrett | Paul Brotherson | Matt Seager | Paul McGhee | Greig Baxter & Laura Denmar | Lorn McDonald

Thu 5 Jun 2014 | 6.25pm | Day Pass £8/£6, please call (0141) 565 1000

A festival of diverse theatrical works from emerging artists on the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s BA Acting, BA Musical Theatre and MA Classical and Contemporary Text programme.


Lorn Macdonald, The Tuatara Experiment

6.25pm / 6.50pm / 7.15pm / 7.40pm | (Thursday 5th June only)

As old as the dinosaurs the Tuatara lizard has a unique, well developed third eye. The Tuatara Experiment explores the strengths of both theatre and film. Through the use of  three screens the audience member is able to choose what they see while the visuals and audio provide the catalyst to a completely unique experience.


Eanna O’Dowd, Old Tales With a New Teller

7pm | (Also showing Friday 6th June)

When some of our oldest folklore is told through new eyes, what adventures will come about?

Combing stories of old from Celtic lands of Ireland and Scotland, one performer   embodies tales to entice the audience to embark these journeys with him using just himself as the characters and set, mixing modern styles of theatre with classic storytelling skill. Bringing theatre back to its roots, the storytellers were revered as highly as the leaders of these lands, this show will cut out all the modern trimmings and show what one storyteller, with an audience and a comfortable setting can evoke within the imagination.


Eddy Hull, Redcross Way

7.05pm | (Also showing Friday 6th June)

How far would you go to meet yourself?

Struggling to cope with his depression, Grey, tries to find a way through to living his life. His depression impacts the relations with his friends and himself.  Fighting through a medical system that is actively pushing him away, Grey must decide how much getting better is important to him. With friends by his side, and compassionate doctors aiding, how far is Grey prepared to go?


Claire Marcie Wilson, I Could Beat Up Peter Pan

7.45pm | (Also showing Wednesday 4th June)

Sometimes degrading and rough, sometimes empowering and provocative. Is it true love?

I’m in a complex love affair. It’s at times abusive, degrading and shocking. But boy is it passionate, powerful and provocative. I think it might be true love. Writer and actor Clare Marcie Wilson presents an autobiographical play about music, fear, sex   and self-discovery featuring original raps by New Zealand artist Paul Williams.


Eden Perry, Bad Girl’s Lament: A Vaudeville

8pm | (Also showing Wednesday 4th June)

BAD GIRL’S LAMENT is A Dazzling All-Star Line Up of Spectacular Vaudeville Acts!…

FEATURING! the incomparable Adriansen & Perry, a clowning duo!

SEE! Desdemona and her Othello in a Star Turn!

HEAR! The novel specialties of the rockin’ house band: Curly and The Tramps!

And NOW PRESENTING! a knee-buckling new parody of Jean Genet’s “The Maid’s”!

DON’T MISS! the Dance! Slapstick! Tragedy! SEX! Comedy! LADies! Shadow Puppets!

BAD GIRL’S LAMENT is an American Vaudeville reimagined for a contemporary audience:

ComeDy, sEx, JeaN GeNeT, MUsic, ShAkesPeaRe, SpeCtacle!


Lee Partridge & Andrew Barrett, Pratfall

8.30pm | (Also showing Wed 4th June)

Pratfall is the tale of two unexpected heroes, Balderdash and Piffle, two clowns on a mission to save the world using circus, songs, sword-fighting and slapstick. Consumerist giants have criminalised street entertainment after a study proves it distracts the dutiful public from shopping. Balderdash, the more experienced veteran of the two loves the idea of leading the clown revolution, but paranoid protégé Piffle has his doubts. As the world outside becomes greyer and duller, our heroes must overcome their fears and short spans of attention if they are to win the funny fight. Send in the Clowns.


Paul Brotherson, Gengangere (Ghosts)

8.30pm | (Also showing Wed 4th June)

This sparse, impressionistic devised piece is a response to Ghosts, Henrik Ibsen’s masterwork of fear, repression, guilt and familial legacy.


Paul McGhee, 37 Minutes

8.45pm | (Also showing Friday 6th June)

“We turn skeletons into gods and look to them as if they might teach us how not to need.”
M Hornbacher

An investigative performance that looks at masculine connotations around the taboos of an eating disorder. A 37 minute installation that explores the performers’ vulnerability, fragility and strength through their physical and emotional consumption.


Matt Seager, SELF-LESS

9.10pm | (Also showing Friday 6th June)

“We were dancing. I told a joke, it was hilarious. You laughed. Frank Sinatra was playing”

We all have certain memories that we know will stay with us forever. Join Arthur and Jane as they tell us their story.

SELF-LESS is an intimate, truthful, and at times heart-warming exploration of the unpredictable progression of Dementia and its effects on all involved, from the very beginning to the very end of this destructive disease.

If we lose our ability to remember the past or connect with the present, then what will be made of our future?


Greig Baxter & Laura Denmar, Sin

9.20pm | (Also showing Friday 6th June)

Are your children free from sin?

Sin takes a look at how the seven deadly sins can be interpreted in today’s world of media moguls and celebrity culture. Where do the younger generation stand?

Sin looks at the effects of television, music and celebrities on the younger generation. How much to younger people take in when they’re sitting watching the musical channel? What sort of role models do they have? This piece aims to look at the cause of this problem and who is ultimately responsible for the protection of these young people.


Please call Box Office on 0141 565 1000 to book your day pass, specifying the individual performances you wish to attend.

All On The Verge shows are 16 and over.