On The Verge [Wednesday]

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland presents

On The Verge [Wednesday]

Emilie Konradsen | Daniel Klarer | Daniel Lien | Eddy Mullarkey | Nazlah Black | Fiona MacKinnon | Matt McGill | Lloyd Ryan Thomas | Davina Leonard & Kristin Morris | Rosa French & Claire Winkleback

Wed 3 Jun 2015 | Various times from 7pm | Day Pass £8/£6 (+ £1.50 online-only TF) | 18+



1900-1940 Emilie Konradsen: That fuckin’ F Word
2010-2050 Daniel Klarer: Side Effects include
21.20-22.00 Daniel Lien: Julius


1910-1950 Eddy Mullarkey: Grassy Overtones
2110-2150 Nazlah Black: BC


1915-1950 Fiona MacKinnon: I can get along with shoes on my feet
2020-2100 Matt McGill: The Green Zone
2130-2200 Lloyd Ryan Thomas: Joe in Memoriam


2005-2045 Davina Leonard & Kristin Morris: Forty Minutes on the Lips
2130-2200 Rosa French & Claire Winkleback: The Hoard


Emilie Konradsen: That Fuckin’ F Word

Witty verbatim theatre exploring equality and feminism.

That Fucking F Word brings to life real peoples views on feminism. We’ve spoken to men and women, friends and strangers, young and old and share their stories and views on equality through an honest and humorous piece of verbatim theatre. We to give you a good night out and to open for some interesting discussions.

Oh and we promise great music.

CAST: Chloe-Ann Taylor and Emilie Mordal Konradsen
CO-CREATORS: Alex Kampfner and Rebekah Lumsden

Daniel Klarer: Side effects include

Now, turn your head and laugh… sorry about the cold hands.

Are you not funny? Do you eat glue? Are you always a bridesmaid and never a bride? Is your mom your only fan? We, the doctors at the Professional Institution of Silly Science (PISS) are looking for test subjects for a new drug that we believe will cure the funny bone blues. Help us in our quest to give everyone the greatest gift of all: laughter. Also, but not limited to: free gifts, friends, a life worth living, and possibly constipation.

CAST: Dan Klarer, Cameron Varner, Claire See

Daniel Lien: Julius

“There are people who meant I went too far. A lot of matters were settled quickly. We were in deep negotiations. A hand reaches out through the bars. What do you do? Further negotiations were cancelled.”
When Julius is abandoned, only one man decides to help. But is it really the right thing to do?
Julius is an honest insight into friendship, love, responsibility and the brutality of being human.
There might be some dancing as well.
CAST: Jamie Buchanan, Daniel Lien, Jacob Vigeland


Eddy Mullarkey: Grassy Overtones

Do more, feel better, live longer.

Joe is stuck in a rut. The outdoors isn’t a friendly place and the furniture of his flat don’t make for great company anymore. He’s trying to change his life around but isn’t quite sure how to do it. Maybe if he plays you a few songs and shows you some nice recipes you’ll help him out?


Nazlah Black: BC

What if it’s not just a phase? What if I’m incurable?

When do you learn to love yourself? Where does self-worth come from? How do we expect anyone to survive past the age of 20 when drugs and alcohol are the only weapons our young people have against self-loathing and fear? This show is about that struggle. This is the story of Benjamin and Christian. BC.

Benjamin: Laurence Scott
Christian: Stephen Redwood
Dani/Jessica/Therapist: Vivian Chan
DIRECTOR: Tim Pollack
WRITER: Nazlah Black
DRAMATURG: Nicholas Barton-Wines

Fiona MacKinnon: I can get along without shoes on my feet

“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person” – Andy Rooney.

Real people share their lifetime with us through a love of sounds and songs. Come meet the ‘humans of Glasgow’. Stories brought to life by two actors and live musician.

CAST: Victoria Burgess and Nicole Ubbelohode. MUSICIAN: Nicolette Corcoran

Matt McGill: The Green Zone

At the foot of their mother’s grave, sisters Lydia and Louise are confronted by the unsettling reality of their past and the gloomy prospects of their futures.

Lydia and Louise are sisters. The daughters of a revolutionary, the pair were raised in a world torn apart by war and political upheaval. Despite the cruelty of the world around them, the sisters continue to grasp for a sense of normalcy in their everyday lives. After months of broken communication, Louise arrives at their mother’s grave to find Lydia. When the sisters are confronted with their grim reality, they must reconcile their differences in order to make peace with their dark past.

CAST: Catherine Barr and Elizabeth Bouckley
DIRECTOR: Charlotte Driessler
WRITER: Matt McGill

Lloyd Ryan Thomas: JOE in memoriam

Where does our life’s truth reside? Without….Within?

Joe is dying, and all the long years have passed into a handful of minutes. Who were you Joe? What manner of man? What joys, what highs did you know? What mess did you make…and who will make it tidy?

CAST: Lloyd Ryan-Thomas

Davina Leonard & Kristin Morris: Forty Minutes on the Lips

A darkly comic, thought-provoking theatre experience about food. Audience members are invited to sit down with two friends for some light refreshment. Diners move from sweet to (un)savoury, as we confront our attitudes to eating, and obsessions with food, through conversation, performance and monologue.


Rosa French & Claire Winkleback: The Hoard

Two women, Joan and Edith, have lived together for fifty years. They have a life of shared memories and live in domestic bliss. But…they’re surrounded by shit. They’ve been collecting for their entire lives, and now every trash bag and old newspaper is a precious treasure that must be kept. The hoard is threatening to engulf them. They’re in desperate need of professional help…but you’ll have to do.

CAST: Rosa French, Claire Winkleback

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