Little Johnny's Big Gay Madonna-Themed Restaurant

Little Johnny's Big Gay Madonna-Themed Restaurant

Thu 27 Oct 2011 | 5.30pm onwards (allow 1hr 30mins)

For the latest in our series of Arches Cafe Bar Takeovers, you are cordially invited to join Little Johnny in his big, gay, Madonna-themed restaurant this autumn.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic True Blue album, Random Accomplice and the Arches have joined forces to create an idyllic hideaway devoted to the legendary singer – and her obssessed host. Come down and sip a True Blue cocktail with Little Johnny while you chow down on a lovingly thought-out, exclusive Madonna-inspired menu, a bargain at just £8.95 for 3 courses and a drink.

Strange Hungers, Fish and Game’s “timeless lavender cabaret” (read: grubby lesbo freakshow), starts at 7.30pm.

True Blue Cocktail to start


Like a Pear
Light and refreshing salad with pear, walnuts, celery and grapes. Hallelujah! (v)

Justify My Loaf
Gorgeous all American meatloaf slice with tomato chutney.

Parsnip Don’t Preach
Cream of parsnip soup – the one we warned you all about. (v)


Crazy for Stew
Delicious Southern-style fish Gumbo – taste it once and you’ll know it’s true.

Spaghettinto The Groove
Creamy pasta with wild mushrooms and spinach. Such an inspiration! (v)

Meaterial Girl
Beefburger, skinny fries and salad: a diamond of a dish.


Open Your Tart
Apple Tart just like mom makes. Capische?

La Isla Granita
Pineapple granita and fruit cocktail. Maracas not included.

Desperately Seeking Tirami-susan
Our twist on the Italian classic – we do it better!


Espresso Yourself
Why not finish with a coffee?

(NB coffee is extra)

Reserve your table on 0141 565 1035 or email

Little Johnny will also be performing in his Big Gay Restaurant on:

Sat 1st Oct
Sun 6th Nov

The installation will be in the cafe bar until the end of November. Please feel free to pop in any time to see Johnny’s love letters to the woman herself, or play his cryptic match-the-song-title-to-the-picture game on our shelves.