Scenehouse Theatre Design School

Scenehouse Theatre Design School

Mon 20 - Sun 26 Aug 2012 | 10am-6pm

A week-long course offering an introduction to theatre design.

Formerly the Theatre Design Summer School, this is a unique introduction to designing for live performance. Ideal for anyone with a background in art, design, theatre or performance looking to extend their knowledge and explore how theatre design works, this course offers a hands-on introduction to the concepts and practical skills needed to work in the industry.

The Theatre Design Summer School is now part of Scenehouse, a new Scottish organisation dedicated to investigating and teaching the creation of visual and spatial worlds as a part of performance in all its forms.

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“I’ve learnt to do so many things this week. The amount of serious thought that goes into the process; it took a lot of getting my head round. The teaching is so diverse, so many skills and such a lot of knowledge. It’s an experience I probably couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s been a huge journey, tiring but fantastic.”
Lindsay, Maker

“[The course] shows you what you can work with, and what you can do. I thought it would be aimed at people from a visual background, but I got a lot out of it as a writer. I think it’s shown me that design is narrative.”
Alan, Writer

“The key thing I’ve learnt is how important the approach to process is for design. I’m not used to working at that acute level. It takes you through being really free and open with your ideas to honing them down, critiquing them, and building them back up into something concrete. Design is problem solving. Sometimes you meet a brick wall, and this has shown me how to think a way over, under, round it. It’s been a full on week – 10 till 8 every day. You go to bed and your head is still buzzing.”
Mary, Fine Artist

“The course gave me a clear sense of the whole process – from first ideas, to achieving a physical presence on the stage. I see my existing skills from a new perspective – it’s been good for improving my ideas about presentation and communication. In theatre, model making is a form of communication. It’s all about conveying concepts.”
Chhay, Architect

“The week has been exhausting but absolutely fantastic. We crammed as much as we could into every minute. It’s given me a much deeper understanding of the shared responsibility of storytelling – how all the aspects of design: set, costume, lighting and sound, play their part.”
Heather, Director