Scratch night

The Arches presents

Scratch night

Stewart Kennedy // Tracy Patrick // Finn den Hertog // Rachel Jury

Thu 2 Feb 2012 | 7.30pm | £3.50

The anarchic, anything goes evening which sees theatre companies, performers, writers and dancers from all fields take ten minutes to try an idea in front of an audience. Afterwards, the action moves to the bar, where the audience talks back.

Choreographed and performed by Stewart Kennedy

Losing someone can be hard enough, but when you lose a part of yourself… nothing ever seems the same. Constantly striving to find yourself again, what would you do and how far would your search go? Surface is one man’s journey of constant self-doubt, struggle and fear of not only the unknown, but of himself.

Performed by Tracy Patrick

This three-hander piece, created for women’s voices, is based on the idea of a triptych. From a 17th Century prison cell to a contemporary psychiatric unit to a quiet Northern Irish suburban street, this powerful and evocative portrayal asks how much has really changed for women over the centuries. Bound by rope, handcuffs and rosary beads, can these Marys really be blamed if they turn out to be a little bit twisted?

Performed by Finn den Hertog

The Atlas Company presents In-Flight, a piece about falling, fear of flying and faith in fun-sized beverages. Conceived and directed by Finn den Hertog and combining original text, on-board safety procedures, Greek mythology and a touch of Panaman Jazz, this is the first stage of an idea which they are looking to develop further, and an exploration into the company’s aesthetic style and devising process.

Against the Wall
Performed by Rachel Jury

Rachel Jury will present her definition of revolution, deciding the five favourite people to be put against the wall by means of  a democratic poll conducted with the audience and a Facebook vote. She will then improvise the execution of said individuals.


Scratch is the Arches’ way of giving companies, performers, writers, dancers and visual artists – basically, artists from any genres – a chance to try out a new idea in front of an audience.

Each quarterly event attracts an audience of theatre makers, performance artists, creatives and industry professionals who are all on hand to give you feedback in the break, and afterwards in the bar; previous performers have gone on to develop their pieces at Arches LIVE and elsewhere.

Your piece should last 10 minutes, and some rehearsal space may be available for artists subject to availability.

For more details, get in touch on

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