Scratch night

The Arches presents

Scratch night

Wed 16 May 2012 | 7.30pm | £3.50

The anarchic, anything goes evening which sees theatre companies, performers, writers and dancers from all fields take ten minutes to try an idea in front of an audience. Afterwards, the action moves to the bar, where the audience talks back.


Risk 2012
By Marcus Roche

This scratch performance of Risk, taking inspiration from the 1900s board game where the players aim to conquer the world, presents the game play in a theatrical space. Guided by a compere, the audience become responsible for the outcome of the show. Risk is an interactive and audio-visual version of the game and a new piece of political theatre where you control the show and you draw the conclusions.

Warrior 1 – Mother
By Mahri Riley

I am interested in investigating human relationships and the relationship one has with one’s self, this time with Warrior 1 focusing on Mother – the female parent. I am a female parent, I am a lone parent. I have daily struggles with myself, some trivial and some insurmountable, but all of them based around the fact that I am wholly responsible for another human life. I am a Mother, I am a Warrior and I would like to share this part of my Warrior self with an audience. Warrior 1 – Mother uses the conventions of physical theatre, live art, text and political satire to communicate and challenge the stereotypes surrounding a female parent.

The End of the Dream
By Andrew McGregor

The End of the Dream is a collection of scenes inspired by the album Carry the Torch by Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Paul McGranaghan. The songs are in turn inspired by the work and life of the late Hunter S. Thompson. The play follows various characters through disparate scenes ranging from confessions of a former Hells Angel to what life is like in a Viking Heaven. The scenes examine various ideas and themes with a common thread being the cost of alienation and isolation.

you do it to yourself, you do, and that’s what really hurts.
Directed and written by Drew Taylor

A dystopian epic.
An examination of the British culture of blame.
An ensemble piece with live art aesthetics and blackly comedic beating heart.
A transgendered teen, a banker wanker, a woman with many wigs, a nurse, a hurt girl, a karaoke obsessed PA desperately looking for love, a washed out poster child, an Oliver Twist urchin running wild, a 1950s social psychologist… and, er, Eddie Izzard…
The piece deliberately places contrasting styles of delivery next to one another, zooming in on individual stories. Does this jar? Are you too distracted by the interrupted flow? We’re taking a large, broad concept, tapping firmly into the Zeitgeist, trying to keep characters/stories interesting for the audience, rather than tokenistic for a point… At this stage, do you think this is being achieved? Are you excited?


Scratch is the Arches’ way of giving companies, performers, writers, dancers and visual artists – basically, artists from any genres – a chance to try out a new idea in front of an audience.

Each quarterly event attracts an audience of theatre makers, performance artists, creatives and industry professionals who are all on hand to give you feedback in the break, and afterwards in the bar; previous performers have gone on to develop their pieces at Arches LIVE and elsewhere.

Your piece should last 10 minutes, and some rehearsal space may be available for artists subject to availability.

For more details, get in touch on

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