Scratch Night (June)

The Arches presents

Scratch Night (June)

Victoria Bianchi | Michael John O'Neill | Aby Watson | Samuel O'Keefe

Tue 24 Jun 2014 | 7pm - 8pm | £3.50 (includes a glass of wine or soft drink)

The anarchic, anything goes evening which sees theatre companies, performers, writers and dancers from all fields take ten minutes to try an idea in front of an audience. Afterwards, the action moves to the bar, where the audience talks back.

This month’s line-up

Victoria Bianchi

ANTHEM is a new work devised and performed by Victoria Bianchi in collaboration with Pamela Reid and Lucy Wild. Developed in the year of the referendum on Scottish independence, the work explores identity and home against the backdrop of a shifting cultural landscape. Behind the tourist-friendly visions of rich tartans, warring clans and endless shortbread, ANTHEM asks what makes a person Scottish in a country that is swiftly falling prey to faceless capitalist corporations (if it hasn’t already). It investigates questions of national pride and a wistful longing for traditions of days gone by, whilst also pondering what exactly will happen if we do become independent.

Based on concerns and uncertainties of Scottish people, ANTHEM gives voice to anyone, anywhere who is caught between a romantic notion of their own cultural identity and the stark reality of modern life.

Michael John O’Neill

I exist in a sealed moment. I am no longer vomiting in the rubble of a bar I went into just once – once, to see him and leave with him, to head elsewhere with him, but instead to recoil from what was left of him and write of him to you and then to read of him again in paperback a year later with a Pulitzer prize with every edition of him.

On May 29th 1976, ten years before she first wore her hair short, Kate was blown up along with the Club Bar in Queen’s Quarter Belfast.

Paradise is a work in progress for a new piece about an exploded woman and the city that exploded with her.

Aby Watson
There’s no point crying over spilt milk

There’s no point crying over spilt milk is a choreography and composition that explores a young woman’s relationship with her ‘clumsy child syndrome’. Using live music, movement and text, this performance questions the societal pressures that we feel the need to achieve and how those can make us feel.
Created by Aby Watson and Alexander Horowitz

Samuel O’Keefe

In devising NO ONE as a work in progress throughout June, the company used the theme of loneliness as a starting point. We have attempted to explore this theme through placing a magnifying glass on the details of an individual’s behaviour, in order to give us the beginnings of a piece that deals with existential crisis in a hopefully theatrical and challenging way. The work in progress was devised and directed by Samuel Keefe, and created by the company.

Get involved

Scratch is the Arches’ way of giving companies, performers, writers, dancers and visual artists – basically, artists from any genre – a chance to try out a new idea in front of an audience.

Each quarterly event attracts an audience of theatre makers, performance artists, creatives and industry professionals who are all on hand to give you feedback in the break, and afterwards in the bar. Previous performers have gone on to develop their pieces at Arches LIVE and elsewhere.

Your piece should last 10 minutes, and some rehearsal space may be available for artists subject to availability.

For more details, get in touch on