Symposium: Imagining Scotland - Pasts, Presents, Futures

The Arches and University of Glasgow present

Symposium: Imagining Scotland - Pasts, Presents, Futures

part of EARLY DAYS: The Arches' Referendum Festival

Sun 14 Sep 2014 | 3 - 6pm | Free | 14+

A series of provocative lectures around (Scottish) Independence, focusing on the themes of history, reflection, discussion, philosophy and- of course- Yes and No.

Each topic is presented by an expert speaker and followed by an informal panel discussion, in which the audience are encouraged to voice their own opinions, musings and questions.

Chaired and convened by David Archibald (University of Glasgow), the symposium begins with a historical overview from Alan McCombes (Radical Scotland), who (along with Roz Paterson) has just published Restless Land, the first volume of a history of Scotland which deals with 500AD to 1914. Alan will speak for about 20-30 minutes followed by discussion.

A second session will be a panel discussion on background to the referendum, past and present – not a debate as such, more of a conversation. The panelists are artist Julia Taudevin, journalist Alex Massie, Professor Johnny Rodger (Glasgow School of Art, Urban Lit) and Hannah McGill (Critic and ex-director of the Edinburgh Film Festival). It will kick off with the panelists speaking briefly on the topic ‘what should artists and writers do with Scottish history?’


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Symposium: Imagining Scotland – Pasts, Presents, Futures | Sun 14 Sept ’14 | FREE

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