The Love Club: Day Of The Dead

proudExposure presents

The Love Club: Day Of The Dead

Tue 1 Nov 2011 | 8pm-10pm | £4 (pay on the door)

Markus Makavellian hosts another popular evening of music, spoken word, tea, cake and knitting, this time paying tribute to the yearly Mexican mourning ritual in Markus’ trademark acerbic style.

Come one, come all, call upon departed, and living,
Celebrate, commiserate, reality is giving
Back, relax, have tea, have cake,
Night of splendour, stupor, wonder, we together shall make

Hosted by infamous New York performance artist Markus Makavellian (“a glittering colossus” Metro), step into a wonderfully relaxed evening of tea, cake, knitting, music and spoken word, celebrating all who have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Expect apocalyptic predictions from Amanda Monfrooe (How Keanu Reeves Saved The World – Arches Live ’10) and musical necro-felicitations from The Creative Martyrs, The Arches Community Choir and Julia And The Doogans.

There are no advance tickets for this night – just get your tickets on the door.

Please enter through Argyle Street