Thomas Hobbins: Land's End

Thomas Hobbins: Land's End

Part of Arches LIVE 2013

Tue 17 - Wed 18 Sep 2013 | 6.30pm (50 mins) | £8/£6 - or buy a Festival Pass for £32/£26

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Land’s End to John O’Groats is 874 miles. Tom Hobbins is 182 pounds. He is lazy but ambitious. He decided to get off his arse and do something. Then he played a game of FIFA. Then he asked his flat mate to cycle the length of the country. A week later, that journey began. They peddled, they sang songs, they drank beers, they peddled more, they ate crisps. They grew tired, they argued, they peddled, they fought. They reached a fork in the road.

There are many routes to get to where you’re going. This is Tom’s.

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Festival diary for Tues 17th & Wed 18th Sep**:

Tues 17th: 5.30pm Festival launch (Foyer, all welcome)

6pm-6.10pm Fish & Game/Arches Choir: Songs of Scotland 1 (Foyer)
6pm-6.15pm Opera Breve: One Day… (Derelict Space)
6.30pm-7.20pm Thomas Hobbins: Land’s End (Studio)
7.30pm-7.40pm Fish & Game/Arches Choir: Songs of Scotland 2 (Foyer)
7.30pm-7.45pm Opera Breve: One Day… (Derelict Space)
8pm-8.45pm Adam Scarborough: Sortition (B3)
8pm-8.30pm Deb Jones: Cuff (Practice Room)
9pm-9.10pm Fish & Game/Arches Choir: Songs of Scotland 3 (Foyer)
9pm-9.15pm Opera Breve: One Day… (Derelict Space)
9.30pm-10.15pm Steve Slater: Between Atoms and the Stars (Practice Room)

From 6pm onwards:

Rachel Frances Sharpe: Smoke (installation in Backstage Chamber)
Unboxed: Break The Silence* (installation in B4)
Amy Conway: I-HAPPY-I-GOOD (B2, 30 min slots from 6pm)

*18th only
**all times are approximate