Through The Looking Glass

Sonic Boom Theatre present

Through The Looking Glass

Thu 25 - Sat 27 Aug 2011 | Thurs 25th: 6.30pm // Fri 26th: 1pm, 6.30pm // Sat 27th: 12.30pm, 3pm, 6.30pm | £9 /£7 concession /£8 per person on bookings of 10 or more (call Box Office for details)

Sonic Boom Theatre present Lewis Caroll’s Through The Looking Glass at the Arches, Glasgow on 25th to 27th August.

“If I could even be just a pawn… I’m sure one day I shall become Queen!”

Everyone knows the story of Alice, the little girl who chased a white rabbit down a rabbit hole to a magical land where nothing was what it seemed. Everyone knows about how she encountered all sorts of bizarre creatures and people, all eccentric, all very mad. Everyone knows she survived the court of the Queen of Hearts and got home safe.

But do you know what happened next?

Through The Looking Glass tells the story of Alice’s return to the magical world of Wonderland, where characters old and new await her return. But this time, she didn’t find herself there by mistake. This time, she stepped through her looking glass deliberately. And, now that she’s braved it once before, her concern is no longer a struggle to get home but the quest to become Queen.

But remember: all is not what it seems inside a looking glass. One can scarcely tell if they are coming or going and time passes only when it feels like it. Sometimes it seems like one has to run as fast as one can only to stay where one began….

Creating the wonder of Wonderland through magical costumes and set, Sonic Boom present their adaptation of the lesser-known sequel to Lewis Caroll’s much-loved tale Alice In Wonderland, which features a stronger and more interesting Alice than its predecessor.

An adventure for both adults and children, follow Alice into a chessboard world filled with lions and unicorns, talking flowers and depressed insects, Humpty Dumpty and the Tweedle twins, a flamboyant Hatter, knights, pawns, kings and, most importantly, queens.

Directed by Kenny Boyle.
Featuring Clare Sheppard as Alice.

Recommended for ages 5+
Please enter through Argyle Street
Duration: 1hr 30 mins