Torsten Lauschmann: Inconsistent Whisper

Behaviour and Counterflows present a Red Note Ensemble commission:

Torsten Lauschmann: Inconsistent Whisper

Sat 7 Apr 2012 | 4pm and 5.30pm (30 mins in Arches derelict space) | £3

Glasgow-based German artist Torsten Lauschmann explores the limits of communication in an experimental performance-installation in the derelict basement space of the Arches.

Taking inspiration from a variety of phenomena, from talking drums and Morse code to the game of Chinese Whispers, this absorbing work looks at the problems and the beauty of misinterpretations, misinformation and misunderstanding.

“Melancholic, romantic, yet optimistic and somehow thrillingly human, Lauschmann’s work casts unexpected light on the fundamentals.”
The Scotsman on The Coy Lover (2011)

Part of Behaviour 2012, the Arches’ festival of live performance. For more see HOW WE BEHAVE, the Behaviour blog documenting seven artists’ journey through the festival.