Words Per Minute meets The Special Relationship

Words Per Minute meets The Special Relationship

Sun 1 Apr 2012 | 4pm-6pm | £5

WPM teams up with London-based US exports The Special Relationship, a literary night with ideals very close to our own (namely: performance shouldn’t be boring! And should be short!) for a co-curated US/UK experiment.

And almost accidentally, we’ve put together one of our most exciting line-ups to date: novelists Elaine DiRollo and Rodge Glass, poetry from William Letford, Ryan Van Winkle and Caroline Bird, short fiction from Wayne Price AND interjections from Special Relationship’s own Jarred McGinnis and Sam Taradash.

Resistance = futile.


The best spoken word, live music, film and performance from Glasgow and beyond for your Sunday afternoon. No-one gets longer than ten minutes – no matter how famous they are.

Previous acts have included novelists Ewan Morrison, Sophie Cooke, Rodge Glass, Suhayl Saadi, Duncan McLean, Doug Johnstone and Alan Bissett, musicians Adam Stafford, Swimmer One, Zorras, Eilidh MacAskill and DMC contender Bigg Taj, and performance from Gary McNair, Martin O’Connor and Kieran Hurley.

“In a short three months, Words Per Minute has enlivened the live literary scene in Scotland with its mix of genres and styles” The Herald

“A fine forum for the connections and collaborations that are the lifeblood of creativity” **** The Scotsman