Words Per Minute: The Last One

Words Per Minute: The Last One

Sun 6 May 2012 | 4pm-6pm | £5

And so it comes
The end is near
And so we face the final curtain….

This is it, folks. The last ever (regular***) WPM. It’s also our second birthday celebration, so we’ll probably be doing that confusing thing where we laugh and cry a lot at the same time. Getting drunk, I think they call it.

Anyway, we want to go out on a high, and give you as good a show as we possibly can, so we’ve pulled some gold star performers (some of our favourites from the past two years) out of the bag:

Novelist, perfomer and renaissance revolutionary ALAN BISSETT!
The gorgeous honey-toned crooning of MICHAEL CASSIDY!
Beatboxing bombast BIGG TAJ!
BECCI WALLACE and her beautiful, soaring vocals!
Upcoming poet-about-town MICHAEL PEDERSON!
Excellent fiction from KATY MACAULAY!

….and we’re going to chuck a fair few more surprises in there, too.

Come on down. We want to celebrate with you.

**It’s not the END end. We’re just going nomadic – will pop up with specially-curated theme events at festivals, at parties, on special occasions. We could probably do weddings if you really want…