Death Disco: The EnDD with Jacques Lu Cont

Death Disco presents

Death Disco: The EnDD with Jacques Lu Cont

DJ Sammy Jo | Fred Falke | The Microsluts

Fri 7 Dec 2012 | 10pm-4am | £10 + bf


Main Arch

12am-1am Hushpuppy
1am-2.30am Jake Shears and DJ Sammy Jo
2.30am-4am Jacques Lu Cont

Dance Arch

10pm-11pm Mingo-go
11pm-12am Fred Falke
12am-1.30am The Microsluts
1.30am-3am Johnny Whoop
3am-4am Josh Jones

After ten glorious years, Death Disco is officially shaking off the glitter and wiping off the face paint. Yes, we’re closing the curtains, pulling up the covers and sleeping off ten soul-swaddling years of electro-disco debauchery.

But not before we’ve given you two blow-out parties, bien sûr.

Representing where we were and where we went, our final two line-ups are, we hope, deliciously judicious in terms of giving a little something to new fans and old. Crookers, on Sat 24th Nov, will deliver an additive-fuelled evening of fidget fun and cheap electro thrills, and we couldn’t think of anyone better than Jacques Lu Cont, overlord of the euphoric electro remix and the man single-handedly responsible for making us want a portable keyboard more than anything in the world, to take us into our final hour on Friday 7th December. Throw some extra special production treats into the mix and you’ve got two unmissable nights.

There may be tears. There will most definitely be fun. And then… then, there’ll be the sort of sleep that only comes after a ten-year long party.


Possibly the best thing to come out of Reading, like, ever, Jacques Lu Cont – the faux-Gallic alter ego of Stuart Price, aka one of the world’s most in-demand producers -  made a name for himself in the late 90s as Les Rhythmes Digitales (again, despite the impression, just the one man), riding on the wave of French house being made popular by the surreptitious chart explosion that was Daft Punk.

Illuminating dancefloors with the hi-colour 80s-inspired electro synth of (Hey You) What’s That Sound? and Music Makes You Lose Control, his sound was ultimately the of  precursor to the electroclash movement. Following a killer FabricLive mix in 2003,  Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat) was re-released in 2005 appearing on a Citroen advert, sweeping up the charts to reminding the after-hours world where it all began.

Deserving of our utmost respect for turning Abba’s Gimme Gimme Gimme riff into Madonna’s Hung Up, he’s also produced some of the slickest albums of the past decade from the likes of Madonna (a loyal customer), Kylie Minogue, Take That and Scissor Sisters. His remixes as Thin White Duke and Man With Guitar, amongst many other aliases, are often surprising, always satisfying, turning Royksopp and Felix Da Housecat as well as The Killers, Coldplay and The Faint into infectious electro classics with a Midas touch rarely seen in today’s everyone’s-a-DJ culture.

Enter through Midland Street