Death Disco

The Arches presents

Death Disco

Jacques Lu Cont // The 2 Bears

Sat 19 Nov 2011 | 11pm - 3am | £14/£7 (join DD mailing list above)

Death Disco with Jacques Lu Cont and The 2 Bears at the Arches, Glasgow on Sat 19th Nov.


11pm – 12 midnight   Rory Phillips
12 midnight – 1.30am   The 2 Bears
1.30am – 3am   Jacques Lu Cont


12 midnight – 1am   Disclosure
1am – 2am   Mt Eden


10pm – 3am Hushpuppy and Mingo-Go

N.B… Please use the Argyle Street entrance.

Possibly the best thing to come out of Reading, like, ever, Jacques Lu Cont – the faux-Gallic alter ego of Stuart Price, aka one of the world’s most in-demand producers -  made a name for himself in the late 90s as Les Rhythmes Digitales (again, despite the impression, just the one man), riding on the wave of French house being made popular by the surreptitious chart explosion that was Daft Punk.

Illuminating dancefloors with the hi-colour 80s-inspired electro synth of (Hey You) What’s That Sound? and Music Makes You Lose Control, his sound was ultimately the of  precursor to the electroclash movement. Following a killer FabricLive mix in 2003,  Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat) was re-released in 2005 appearing on a Citroen advert, sweeping up the charts to reminding the after-hours world where it all began.

Deserving of our utmost respect for turning Abba’s Gimme Gimme Gimme riff into Madonna’s Hung Up, he’s also produced some of the slickest albums of the past decade from the likes of Madonna (a loyal customer), Kylie Minogue, Take That and Scissor Sisters. His remixes as Thin White Duke and Man With Guitar, amongst many other aliases, are often surprising, always satisfying, turning Royksopp and Felix Da Housecat as well as The Killers, Coldplay and The Faint into infectious electro classics with a Midas touch rarely seen in today’s everyone’s-a-DJ culture.

It’s fitting that supporting him will be a duo comprising two of the most clued-in names in dance right now: Raf Daddy, label head, DJ and general man-about-London’s-club-scene, and his musical partner Joe Goddard, one fifth of indie-electronic crossover act Hot Chip.

As well as a crack at their ursine appearance, the name is an homage to house music, nightclubbing and the vibrant gay scene, as is evident in the open-minded love of fun so evident in each track to date – from the euphoric, rushing electro of first single Be Strong in 2010 to this year’s after-hours anthem Bear Hug, its jaw-grinding bassline and insistent techno beat coupled with faux-Jamie Principle vocals. Unsurprisingly, the duo quickly build a core following, igniting dance tents across Europe this summer with their eclectic, party-focused DJ sets as well as minimixes for Annie Mac, elbowing in hip-house bounce, euphoric vocals, anthemic electro and neatly popping techno.

This is Price’s first set at Death Disco since the club began in 2002, and The 2 Bears‘ debut visit – expect some serious excitement.

N.B. After nine trend-setting years, this will be the last Death Disco as a monthly club. We’re taking a break over the winter and returning in spring 2012 with occasional massive parties throughout the year. Watch this space for some quite frankly ginormous line-ups.

N.B. Death Disco promotes an alternative, open-minded club environment… Check out our favourite electro disco blog run by friends and fans of DD for news on the Glasgow scene.