Pressure: LBS Tour

Slam Events presents

Pressure: LBS Tour

Laurent Garnier // Benjamin Rippert // Scan X // Slam // Silicone Soul

Fri 28 Jan 2011 | 10.30pm-3am | £15 + bf


Laurent Garnier
Benjamin Rippert
Scan X
Silicone Soul

L.B.S – three letters, several different meanings. Laurent & Ben & Stephane? Live Booth Sessions? Or Loud Bass & Samples?

This is only the beginning for this new club orientated project that will bring together Laurent Garnier (DJ & machines), Benjamin Rippert (keyboards) and Stephane “Scan X” Dri (machines). Straight out of the DJ booths of some of the best clubs on the planet, L.B.S offers the best of both worlds by combining the versatility and flexibility of the DJ set with the ability to experiment with tracks live. Two decks, a Rhodes, and several keyboards.

“After eighteen months on tour with my musicians, I began to realize that I could get as much pleasure from playing live at a festival as I could from DJing in clubs. Whilst on tour, we developed a very open style of playing: interacting, improvising, and expressing ourselves freely, something that I thought I could only achieve through my DJ sets.

“It was obvious that after a long period spent touring round some of the biggest festivals, I was going to feel an overwhelming desire to go back to my roots (clubs and records), but the idea of finding myself alone behind two decks was impossible. So why not combine the two? Why not play other people’s records alongside my own tracks, played live? Why not put the two together to make one? After more than twenty years spent DJing I really wanted to take it a step further. It’s very clear to me why the idea behind L.B.S came to life, because not only will it give my work a new lease of life, it will also offer a new and very different experience to club goers.”

Entrance: Midland Street.

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