David Thomas Broughton

The Arches presents

David Thomas Broughton

RM Hubbert

Fri 6 May 2011 | 8.30pm | £7 + bf

David Thomas Broughton at the Arches, Glasgow on Friday 6th May 2011.

With a voice not dissimilar to that of Antony Heggarty or Devendra Banhart, one of the most unique artists in modern folk David Thomas Broughton brings his acoustic guitar and loop pedals back to the Arches for a haunting, improvisation-led live show.

Favouring spontaneity and off-beat improvisation both on record and on stage, his debut album The Complete Guide To Insufficiency in 2005 was inconspicuously recorded in a single take in a church hall in Leeds, later gaining the admiration of both Drowned In Sound and Pitchfork. Using loop pedals, strange percussion, radios, television and other field recordings to create a sound far larger than one man, his music is still characterised by a sparse, tense fragility which acts as the perfect cradle for the folk-esque subject matter of his lyrics: love, loss, life and death.

Two albums (including one with Leeds chamber music collective 7 Hertz) and one EP later, he has toured the world, as well as performing at festivals such as Primavera and Green Man.

This will be Broughton’s second time at the Arches, following his appearance at the Arches’ performance festival Behaviour May 2010. Support comes from the much-touted Glasgow guitarist and songwriter RM Hubbert.

His latest album Outbreeding is out on Monday 23rd May through Brainlove Records.


This performance is part of the BEHAVIOUR series of gigs which celebrate courageous artists with performance activity at their core and a truly experimental approach to their art work. The Arches Theatre Festival was re-launched as BEHAVIOUR in April 2009. Held in the inspiring environs of the Arches, the ethos of BEHAVIOUR and this series of gigs, is to champion brave and exciting work which blurs art forms and pushes at the boundaries of where artists create.

Enter on Argyle Street