DOOM (live A/V show)

Tidal Shift presents

DOOM (live A/V show)

DOOM (aka MF Doom) // Hector Bizerk // Bigg Taj

Thu 3 Nov 2011 | 7.30pm | £19.50 + bf

Following his first ever UK tour last year, hip hop’s most monikered man returns to the Arches with a full A/V show after delighting fans with the unveiling of new single Victory Laps, the result of his legendarily ill-fated project with Ghostface Killah.

Support comes from Hector Bizerk and Bigg Taj.

Otherwise known as MF Doom, Madvillian, Dangerdoom, Zev Love X, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah and Metal Fingers, the masked rapper is renowned for his humourous, eccentric lyricism and heavy comic book/Japanese sci-fi influences as much as his quick, free-association raps and sample-heavy production. That, and the fact that Daniel Dumile hasn’t shown his real face in public since 1993, hiding behind a mask even in interviews.

In contrast to the glut of bloated, gin-and-juice consumer rap bragging about quick murder, big women and even bigger bucks, DOOM’s persona – true to his comic book influences – is far more intent on saving the world: or, more accurately, saving the rap world from itself, with his understated, effortlessly smooth flow, sharp-as lyrics, and a huge sense of fun.

DOOM has dropped albums left right and centre over his twenty-years-and-counting stint in the music industry, building up a portfolio that flows easily from older classics such as Hoe Cakes and Potholderz, to Angels with Ghostface Killah to vocals on Gorillaz’ November Has Come. Celebrated as much for his production as his rapping, DOOM’s main collaborations see him working with Madlib (as Madvillain), Danger Mouse (under Danger Doom) and Ghostface Killah, producing tracks on Killah’s Fishscale and More Fish.

His latest studio album, Born Like This, mixes Charles Bukowski poetry and supervillain-cum-superhero imagery with DOOM’s trademarks: original songwriting and quick-as-lightening words.

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