How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well

Grimes // Falconry

Mon 8 Aug 2011 | 7.30pm | £7 + bf

How To Dress Well at the Arches, Glasgow on Mon 8th August, with support from Grimes and Falconry.

Despite being into Kanye West and the-Dream, Brooklyn-born Tom Krell – aka How To Dress Well – uses his own music to take lo-fi to the extreme.

Listening to his debut album Love Remains, it’s difficult at first to tell what he’s influenced by: a fug of falsetto and reverb, his androgynous, unplaceable vocals soak in layers of sonic mist like some kind of ghost karaoke. But, tying together the dubby warmth, underwater vocals and swollen bass drums are the pop melodies and tight beats he claims to adore. Channelling the spirit of 90s RnB jams (“It’s not a joke to me. Twisted by Keith Sweat is a fucking masterpiece”), Can’t See My Own Face comes to life with parts of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love, whilst earlier single Ecstasy With JoJo loops around one compelling line from Michael Jackson’s disco-infused Baby Be Mine: “and we can share this ecstasy”.

Having produced reworks of Beyonce and d’Eon, as well as a haunting ‘seance’ of Matthew Dear’s Slowdance, Love Remains was released in 2010 to a resounding 8.7 from Pitchfork and praise from the BBC, Guardian, Stereogum and Spin. His new EP Just Once features tracks off his first album re-recorded with an orchestra, as well as a new song, Suicide Dream 3. It’s available on vinyl from 21st July, along with a hand-written note from Tom – pushing the lo-fi cause one step further.

Passing on the ethereal torch, support comes from local electronic producer Falconry and hotly-tipped Canadian act Grimes. A musician and visual artist, she’s recently set the blogosphere alight with her lush, layered synth pop blessed with the sweetness of Nite Jewel, the compelling vocals of Kate Bush and the accessible experimentalism of d’Eon – with whom she has just released a split EP.

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