Lucky Dragons: No Boundaries, No Hierarchies

Cry Parrot and Glasgow Music and Film Festival present

Lucky Dragons: No Boundaries, No Hierarchies

Tue 22 Feb 2011 | 7.30pm | £7 + bf

Hailed for their original brand of mediative, world-infused, glitchy electronica, Lucky Dragons are an experimental music act from Los Angeles with the ability to make “everyday sounds become alluringly other“. At their live shows, the band promote a democratic relationship between the audience and themselves, passing out touch sensitive wires and instrumentation to encourage the audience to participate and manipulate the sounds coming from the speakers.

At this special one-off conceptual event from Cry Parrot and Glasgow Music & Film Festival, the band aim to break down the traditional boundaries and hierarchies between performance and audience members even further, encouraging full participation from audience members - you control the music, and you control the film.

Cry Parrot invite YOU to submit films which will be screened from numerous projectors throughout the performance. With no thematic, stylistic, narrative or picture quality requirements, the films can be about anything, and ALL received submissions will be used provided they are silent and no more than 10 minutes long. If you are interested in submitting a film, please contact

Support for this event is equally special, in the form of a collaborative choir between Wounded Knee and you, the audience:

“I thought it would be useful to say a wee bit about what I’m hoping for with this collaborative choir, so that you have an idea in advance and I’m not just springing something on you on the night.  In short, I’d like to invite everyone attending the Lucky Dragons show to perform with me during my set as a big choir. In this way it won’t be a Wounded Knee set at all; it will be our set. It will be an acoustic affair. No mics and no PA necessary.” 
Drew Wright AKA Wounded Knee

For full details on what they’ve got planned, see their Facebook note.


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14+ (Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult aged 18+)

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