Silver Apples

Glasgow Music and Film Festival presents

Silver Apples

at Mono

Sun 26 Feb 2012 | 8.30pm | £10 + bf

The forefathers of electronic rock as we know it

Formed in 1967, Silver Apples made unprecedented sounds. Originally part of a rock band, the group soon reduced to Danny Taylor and Simeon Coxe III after the latter’s obsession with oscillators effectively pushed the other members off stage, eventually using “nine audio oscillators piled on top of each other and eighty-six manual controls to control lead, rhythm and bass pulses with hands, feet and elbows”, and, of course, his own self-devised and self-titled synthesizer, The Simeon.

Their two albums – Silver Apples in 1968, and Contact in 1969 – were not chart sensations. Cacophonies of hums, drones, buzzes and beeps descended from whatever planet they came from to merge with electronically-generated melodies, a new and strange combination which now has them lauded as the foundation for at least one genre every decade – 70s krautrock, 80s acid house, 90s indie and no doubt something from the 00s.

True to bizarre form, the pair vanished after their second album. Then in 1995, Simeon reappeared with a new partner (Xian Hawkins), released a new album, hunted down Taylor, and proceeded to tour together until the road accident which broke Simeon’s neck, leaving him unable to play.

After much recuperation, 2007 marked the return of one of music’s most enigmatic characters, delighting fans by reappearing behind his army of oscillators at festivals across the world. Needless to say, we’re delighted to have the master himself here as part of the GMFF for a rare gig.

Simeon will be introducing a FREE screening of Silver Apples – The Key of Yellow at the GFT at 3.30pm on the same day. A three-part interview, it covers the fascinating history of Silver Apples, including live session versions of A Pox on You, Oscillations and Seagreen Serenade. The perfect preview to the evening’s performance. Tickets are available from the GFT on the day.

“Silver Apples are to electronic music what Thomas Edison is to Facebook.” Trebuchet Magazine


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N.B. This event will take place at Mono, 12 Kings Court, Glasgow, G1 5RB