The Irrepressibles & Noblesse Oblige

of naked design presents

The Irrepressibles & Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige

Thu 21 Jun 2012 | 7.30pm-10.30pm | £12.50 + bf

9pm The Irrepressibles
8.15pm Noblesse Oblige
7.30pm doors

Art-pop group The Irrepressibles return to the Arches with new electronic show ELECTRO NUDE following their stunning performance here in November 2010.

The Irrepressibles first hit UK consciousness proper in 2010 with their debut album Mirror Mirror, equally lauded by newspapers and blogs as one of the most exotic, theatrical, weird and wonderful albums to have hit the shelves that year – or possibly decade. An iconoclastic fusion of classical orchestration, electronica, sound art and pop, their delicate baroque sound was brought together by the strange, androgynous vocals of lead singer Jamie McDermott. Their online presence heightened in 2011 as single In This Shirt was used on BT’s Infinity Olympic TV advert, as everyone pondered ‘I wonder who sings that song?’.

At the same time, the unique live show accompanying the album was busy betraying why this band had become a jewel in the art and fashion worlds as much as the music scene since the electro-orchestral collective formed over eight years ago, performed in spaces from Roman amphitheatres to royal palaces to lakes to a giant rotating box and (stealing hearts across Europe).

Back with their stunning new album NUDE, an audio-visual work which premiered at Cite De La Musique in Paris last year, the group are also causing ripples with talk of their brand new live spectacle ELECTRO NUDE. Powerful choreography, bold new costumes, a runway-lit catwalk… this show captures more than ever their simultaneous flair for art, music and fashion. Featuring live electronic drumming, synthesisers and tubular bells, Jamie’s haunting voice will be set to an epic electronic soundscape as the act perform tracks from the forthcoming album, including just-released single Arrow, as well as remixes by Royksopp, Hercules and Love Affair and W.T.Duffin and electro-orchestral number Spy Super Hero from their opera WAR SUM UP.

With support from Noblesse Oblige.

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