Wet Sounds at North Woodside leisure centre

Glasgow Music and Film Festival presents

Wet Sounds at North Woodside leisure centre

Sun 20 Feb 2011 | 5pm-8pm | £10 adv / £12 on door

Wet Sounds presents a cinema for the ear. The audience float and dive in the water, immersed in sound coming from inside and outside the water. The sound is detailed and clear. It is perceived by the bones and creates an incredibly intimate and immersive listening experience. The two sound systems play different content and are heard separately except while floating on the surface of the water.

Join us at the beautiful Victorian baths of the North Woodside Leisure Centre for an under (and over) water experience, with live performances from Eric La Casa, Adrian Moore and Joel Cahen. Bring your swimming costume – goggles recommended.

For tickets and more information on Wet Sounds go to http://www.wetsounds.co.uk


Eric La Casa is a French sound artist and composer who uses sound almost as visual substance to create a tapestry of sound environments. The sounds are cinematic and evoking, with their original ‘meanings’ transmuted into a rich and strange abstract narrative. Or, in his own words: “…Listening becomes tied up in the surfaces of the world. Recordings, sonic readings, open out into a musical form which reactivates a perception of that which surrounds us, whether visible or not”.

Adrian Moore is a British composer of electroacoustic music. He also writes for instruments, often with a live processing element using Max-MSP and custom built software, and directs the University of Sheffield Sound Studios (USSS).

Joel Cahen is a noisician and organiser of Wet Sounds. He will play a cinematic sound collage using sound recordings, film extracts, music of different genres and various location sounds.


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