Johnny Gauld book launch

Johnny Gauld book launch

Wed 3 Oct 2012 | 7.30pm-9pm

You are invited to join author Johnny Gauld for the launch of his new book.

This book will answer all your questions, except perhaps the hungry one, and whilst doing so it’ll take you on a journey to all airts an’ pairts o’ Scotland. Gaun a Daun’er is a humorous and hearty stew of adventure, bad breath, bagpipes, being 9, 29 or 37, cannibals, Caledonian cowboys, danger, dark nights, derring do, ferries, Gaulds, ghosts, God, haggis, hundreds of miles, islands, jobbies, knights, laughter, mice, music, musings, myths, owls, poems, porridge, rain, roads, saints, saltires, smokies, stinky feet, sunny days, tents, thousands of smiles, truths and of course walking.

At the very least, Gaun a Daun’er will not leave you disappointed. At the very most it might make you do things that the author never considered, or even imagined.

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