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Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Bilan

New Bilan is a Somali restaurant at Dundas and Jarvis (183 Dundas St. East). You have to walk through a internet cafe to find the restaurant, where you'll see a cement "grass hut" and a room full of plastic-covered tables. Eventually someone will come help you. By then you may have found the paper menu. There's only a few things on the menu: "goat," "chicken stew," "chicken steak," and "king fish." I had the goat and Dusty had the king fish.

The meal started with a very good curry-type soup
Both the fish and goat were served with rice. The fish was good but bony, and came with veggies. The goat was very tender and flavourful.
They also brought us mango juice and at the end, fresh fried donuts.

A great place! We'll definitely go back.

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