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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vanipha Lanna

Vanipha Lanna is a Lao Thai place at 863 St. Clair West (between Dufferin and Bathurst). We went to check out the Laotian dishes. The waiter warned the food would take a while and he was right. 

Laab gai (larb gai) is the a northern Laos speciality, eaten at Lao/Thai celebrations. It was a really intense chicken with lime and herbs, kind of like ceviche, and it wasn't really to my taste. 
The soop puck was interesting. It was a steamed vegetable dish that came with puffy rice bits, kind of like pieces of breakfast cereal.  

The best dish we had was gang hoh. It was like a curry, fairly spicy, served with veggies and thin glass noodles. Overall, I'd say the food was interesting, but not that great. And I was kind of hungry when I left, not a good sign. 

Soop puck, with shrimp chips and crispy rice.

Gang hoh was similar to familiar Thai dishes.

Sorry Laos, this was all we could manage to eat of your national dish. 
The ice cream, however, was really great: this is coconut and mango. 

Spice City Doggie Bag Index: Two stars

★ Don't bother taking any leftovers home

★ ★ Take leftovers home and stuff in the back of the fridge indefinitely

★ ★ ★ Tomorrow's lunch
★ ★ ★ ★ Proudly present the leftover as a present to significant other or roommate and then wait impatiently for them to eat it so you can steal some

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Midnight snack. Is it midnight yet?

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