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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tibet Kitchen

I hadn't eaten Tibetan since they shut down the amazing Little Tibet restaurant at Queen near Bathurst. Parkdale is chock full of Tibetan restaurants thanks to the large refugee community living there.

We aimed to hit up Le Tibet but the atmosphere in Tibet Kitchen (1544 Queen Street West) was more inviting. It is brightly painted and was packed with Tibetans.

We ordered a firepot with seafood. This was a sort of yummy soup jam packed full of seafood. Tibet is nowhere near the ocean last time I checked but I wasn't complaining.

We also had the tsey curry, a vegetable curry. This was not very flavourful, nothing close to the great curry they had at Little Tibet. It was improved with a frighteningly potent chili sauce. I hope to check out the other Tibetan places on the strip to compare.

After dinner  we had the butter tea. Yikes, if you haven't had it before, it's quite the experience. Looks just like a nice English cuppa and then you take a sip and it's salty and kind of meaty....yeach. The chai was much more palatable.

Fire pot, complete with fire to keep it warm. 
This curry left something to be desired--flavour. 
Butter and tea...some things were just not meant to be together, sadly. 

Spice City Doggie Bag Index: Three stars
★ Don't bother taking any leftovers home
★ ★ Take leftovers home and stuff in the back of the fridge indefinitely
★ ★ ★ Tomorrow's lunch
★ ★ ★ ★ Proudly present the leftover as a present to significant other or roommate and then wait impatiently for them to eat it so you can steal some
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Midnight snack. Is it midnight yet?

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