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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yes, New York Sub is disgusting but don't miss it

Update: New York Subway has reopened after its renovations.

Many a friend of mine has told me a story of heading to New York Subway and being appalled by its grimy condition.

This little joint is located next to a—um—Subway restaurant on Queen Street (520 Queen Street West). It's staffed by a man who is somewhat of a legend in the neighbourhood for his permanent tormented expression.

New York Subway is part of the wonderful empire of restaurants connected to Gandhi Indian Cuisine a block down the road. Gandhi has the best roti in town and its sister restaurants (Mother India in Parkdale and Roti Time on St. Clair West) also share the same wonderful recipe.

So while New York Subway may not be the cleanest place in Toronto, hey, it could be worse. A couple of years ago, the menu sign had bandaids stuck to it to cover up items that were no longer available.

Even carnivores will be best advised to go veggie at this place, as the veggie food seems superior to the meat. The thing to get is the burrito. My personal fave is the mixed veg. (go for spicy, as Gandhi's insanely torqued up spice scale is not in effect here.) The burrito is a yummy mix of mashed veggies and a tasty sauce.

The regular sized mix veg burrito is just $3.95. Wow!

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  1. It's not actually "dirty" there, just in disrepair. Like at Gandhi, everything's old and worn out but the old guy behind the counter is a bit of a neat freak. It's not unusual to see him wash his hands 4-5 times while making my sub. Bad paint and broken fixtures a dirty place do not make.

  2. I saw a piece of raw chicken stuck to the floor, and the cook just kept walkin over it... This place is filthy, and food isn't that goo, or plentifull. I won't go back.