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Friday, February 25, 2011

New York Subway's faithful burrito maker laments the closing down of the restaurant

***Update: New York Subway has now reopened.

I was alarmed to read on Eye Weekly's website that New York Subway, a truly wonderful burrito joint that I wrote about previously, was shutting down. Eye speculated that the building was being demolished.

I went down there to see what the situation is and Dino, the longtime burrito maker, said that indeed, this is New York Subway's last weekend...for a while. He said it will be closing down for four months for renovations to the shop to give it more space in the back, and also to coordinate with renovations going on at Olympic Fruit Market next door. Eye has updated their story with the same information confirmed by the owner, who is also the owner of Mother India in Parkdale.

"I'm 98% certain we will reopen," Dino said. He's well known in the neighbourhood as always being at New York Subway day or night. He often looks very serious and gloomy as he labours away in the restaurant so I was surprised when he said I should take a photo of the shop for him as a momento.

 "I've been working here for 14 and a half years, 13 hours a day," he said. "It's my body. It's a part of me."

Dino says during the renovations, he'll likely work at Mother India or the other wonderful restaurant that shares the same owners, Gandhi's Indian Cuisine.

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  1. One of the very best, original menus I have EVER come across … and I have lived and travelled all around the world.

  2. They're back in business! go lamb burrito

  3. Hot tip! Thanks! I'll check it out tomorrow.