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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is the best new poutine place in Toronto closing down already?

Note: Post updated below

Poutine Plus, a new restaurant that opened a few months ago on 657 Queen Street West at Bathurst, is now temporarily closed under mysterious circumstances.  Spice City Toronto wrote out this kitschy place a few months ago in the post My French Canadian boyfriend says this is the best poutine in Toronto

I heard reports a few days ago that the place was closed. I went by and saw this rather cryptic sign on the door. 

The sign says "Poutine Plus Ltd. is closed due to structural problems within and around our premise. Poutine Plus Ltd. has been closed several days due to these problems which are in no way as a result of how we intended to conduct our business. Please accept our apologies to our New and Regular Guests...."

Huh? It was rather cryptic so I sent an email. Poutine Plus responded: "We have had some problems with the plumbing...We hope to have it done soon."

We hope so too! 

Update on March 14, 2011: The place has a for lease sign in the window and it's empty inside, so doesn't look it will open again at this location. Previously there was a for rent sign for the apartment upstairs, but this new sign is definitely for the business space. 

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  1. But I've a dollar-off coupon burning a hole in my wallet and I haven't tried the place yet. No!

    Also, they have Nathan's hot dogs. I like Canadian wieners better, but a snappy little American one is nice every once in a while

  2. I'm thinking that they'll open again. Hopefully it won't take long because this sort of thing can really damage a new business. They were getting in a decent late night crowd but not sure about the rest of the time.

  3. Update: I went by there yesterday and it's still closed.

  4. Guys my sister works at Tim's next door, the land lord here is a jerk off. So take it easy on these guys.
    He created a real mess for them, I talk to the owner and feel really bad for there situation as there product was really good esp. the real gravy.

    But they had Crack heads living upstairs and then 5 floods in December and the land lord did shit.

    Even Tim Horton's Sued the same land lord and one.

    But I talked to the owner and hes looking at new locations, hes tied into a lot of franchisees .

  5. Thanks for the update "Anonymous." That's too bad that the situation is so dire that Poutine Plus is looking for new locations. The place was just getting some momentum. Keep us posted!

  6. Wow... there closed already. I went into this place a few times with my kids. They like it a lot.

    But I do seem to remember a lot of noise coming from upstairs.

    Its so hard to make a honest business in Toronto.